Stars and eROSITA

eROSITA is the primary instrument on the Russian "Spectrum-Roentgen-Gamma" (SRG) satellite scheduled to be launched in autumn 2018. Over a period of four years eROSITA will perform an imaging all-sky survey in X-rays at 0.3 - 10.0 keV energies that is expected to detect more than half a million stars and stellar systems. The survey phase will be followed by a pointed observations phase with a nominal duration of three years.

Science overview:  eROSITA Science Book

The Hamburg observatory is leading the stellar working group of the German eROSITA consortium
(Chairs: J. Schmitt & J. Robrade).

Conferences and eROSITA meetings

EroStarsWG (2016/09, Tuebingen) StarWG Session talk
EroStarsWG (2015/10, Bamberg) StarWG Session talk
IAUS314 - Young Stars & Planets Near the Sun (2015/05, Atlanta) 
    eROSITA - Nearby Young Stars in X-rays (Talk)
EroStarsWG (2014/09, Potsdam) Session summary
EroStarsWG summary (2013/10, Garching) Talk
Stars in the eROSITA all-sky survey (2012/09, Kazan) Talk
eROSITA all-sky survey and stellar content (2011/02, Tuebingen)  Talk

First eROSITA International Conference (Garmisch-Partenkirchen, 2011/10):
 eROSITA and the solar neighborhood (Robrade & Schmitt)  Poster
 Massive stars as seen with eROSITA (Rauw, Naze, Robrade & Schmitt)  Poster

Scientific and technical studies

Time domain: eROSITA: stellar variability
All-sky survey - stellar content: Stellar surface densities at var. galactic locations
Source detection and catalogues: Energy bands for stars

eROSITA project links at HS

eROSITA Mission Planning  (Mission planning page at HS)

eROSITA Consortium Meeting Hamburg, 23.-24. July 2012

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eROSITA WiKi  (EroStars WG page and other science related stuff, login required)