Dr. Jan-Uwe Ness

Bild von Jan-Uwe Ness
........ and a little Jan with his Great Aunt......

Orion Nebular
taken with my Digital Camera on Hamburg's Great Refractor


XMM-Newton Science Operations Centre
European Space Agency (ESA / ESAC)
Dep. code SRE-OAX
Aptdo. Correos - P.O. Box 78
28691 Villanueva de la Cañada, MADRID

Phone: +34-918131-436
Telefax: +34-918131-250
e-mail : juness@sciops.esa.int


  1. I obtained my PhD degree on high-resolution X-ray spectroscopy of Stellar Coronae at Hamburger Sternwarte, the observatory of the University of Hamburg, Germany. My supervisor was Prof. Jürgen H.M.M. Schmitt.
  2. My second post-doc position was at the University of Oxford, where I worked with Prof. Dame Carole Jordan (8/2004-12/2005) on X-ray and UV spectroscopy of Stellar Coronae.
  3. From January 2006 to November 2008, I have worked at Arizona State University with Prof. Sumner Starrfield. The project was funded by a Chandra Fellowship grant.
  4. In 2008, I have been awarded a Ramon y Cajal Fellowship for research in Physics and Astronomy. Out of over 200 applications, I have ranked 9th.
  5. I have started my present job on December 1st, 2008 as a scientist at the XMM-Newton Science Operations Centre near Villanueva de la Cañada.

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Mars with my digital camera in comparison with Hubble Image

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